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    Discover other computers or smart phones automatically inside LAN; Send files to your mobile devices and partners; Remote file sharing from your own PCs.


    Sync contacts, SMS and call log to your own PC over the Internet; Downloading files from your PCs; Discover other devices in the same LAN; Upload files to your PCs; File sharing with your friends.


    WEB UI provided for sync content management such as contacts and SMS etc.;Send & Receive SMS through WEB when you have smart phone associated with you account; Download your PC files.


    Customized for clients to meet the requirements of fast moving business; Let our experts provide you with more specialized services to achieve greater business value.


    Industry standard encryption for data transmission and storage; Enhanced security measures are in place to safeguard the privacy of user information.


    Based on cloud environment, we provide file transfer and sharing among your multiple devices and friends; Easy backup and sync of your mobile contents.