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What is File Transfer?

File Transfer is an all-in-one cross -platform mobile file transfer and synchronization assistant. It provides function for convenient file transfer among multiple mobile devices and PCs; Photo, videos , music and file sharing with friends. Easily sync and backup your phone's address book, SMS and call logs, etc.

File Transfer supported platform?

Android , iPhone , iPad , Windows PC and WEB.


How to link my PC to my mobile device(s)?

After login through your mobile device(s), go to, download and install Windows PC client , then login through the PC client . Two PCs can be linked in the same account.

Why don't my Android phone's contacts sync?

Please check whether your phone has contacts. The contacts in your SIM card or SD card must be imported into your phone.

Can I send and receive SMS with my own mobile number through WEB?

Yes, as long as you have an Android phone linked in your account and SMS backup is set to auto. If your phone is iPhone, you can only send SMS with your mobile number through WEB. SMS backup is not supported on iPhone.

Does File Transfer support contact's head portrait backup ?


How is the data security handled for user data?

Data is encrypted by industry standard during transmission.

How can I send my contact to my friend?

You can pick a contact and send to any other who has File Transfer installed on their phone. The receiving party will have the contact saved into his or her phone's address book automatically.

After I changed my password, why I can't see my device?

You need to login with your new password from each device you want to link.