Terms of Service


  1. This Agreement applies to the development of the Company's file transfer services system (hereinafter referred to as the system). Use the system as well as the associated technical services and network services, you must agree to accept this agreement. If you do not accept this agreement, you will not be able to use the system and related services.
  2. You can use any of the following ways to accept this agreement:
    (A) In this system, any user interface, click means to accept or agree to all the terms of the option agreement;
    (B) the actual use of the system or its associated services. Your use of the system and its related service usage will be considered starting your own actual use had accepted all the terms of this Agreement.

Personal Information and Protection of Privacy

  1. The system involves a network of personal data storage and data sharing services is voluntary and participation of the user. The system itself is secure user data using high-level encryption programs to protect the user's privacy. But ill keep user information is lost as a result of users, passwords, and other non-disclosure causes the software itself, or by some other network and external environmental factors lead to uncontrollable factors for any losses and risks, the Company will not assume any responsibility.
  2. users in the use of the system and its related services, as well as during user registration, users should ensure that the information is true, accurate and complete. If the above information is actually changed, the user should be timely updated and revised. For any of the above information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or failure to update any resulting losses and risks, the Company does not assume any responsibility.


  1. The system provides individual users with free, non-exclusive network of services, including but not limited to data storage and recovery, transfer and sharing, as well as through the system to access third-party SNS services. Users can use these services for non-commercial purposes. But without the special authorization, users may not for any purpose of the system or service any part of the copy, distribution, dissemination and any other form of trading.

Special Considerations

  1. This system is a beta version. At present, the company provides only the trial of the system, the trial phase of the system there may be unforeseen anomalies and failures, users in the use of the system and its related services judged to be fully understood before all the risks associated with this, the Company for such risks resulting from all possible consequences of the damage, do not take any responsibility.
  2. The system has an automatic update feature, in order to timely provide users with the latest features as well as modify and optimize the system, may use bug fixes, enhanced functions, new software modules and completely new versions. Updates will be done automatically through the network, resulting in the function of the system services and changes in the appearance of the interface, the user will be deemed accepted by default.
  3. The system is further optimized functions and services, we may collect user through the system with some data and associated services to share the data. The purpose of collecting and sharing is limited to enhancing the system functions and services, not point to any particular user, and will not be disclosed or used for other purposes. These data will only be used to improve the quality of the system, improve system performance, while providing more valuable services.

title and intellectual property rights

  1. The system (including, but not limited to, the system contained any images, animations, video, audio, music, text and additional procedures), the accompanying explanatory material, and the content or information of any copies of all legal rights , title and interest, including all intellectual property contained therein (whether those rights are already registered), owned by the Company, the user may not copy, modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute any Content (either in whole or in part) or, in the content (in whole or in part) create derivative works based on the.
  2. without our specific mandate, the user may not reproduce, modify the system or any part thereof; of the system or any part of the creation of derivative works; reverse engineering of the system (reverse engineer), reverse compile (decompile) or disassemble (disassemble), or attempt from a software or any portion of the software to extract the source code. You may not remove, obscure or modify related services attached to or contained within any proprietary notices (including copyright and trade mark notices).
  3. The system and its home by others involved in the legitimate rights and interests enjoyed the content, information and data, without the right holders license, the user may not be copied, modified, or use the content. Users therefore infringe the rights of other human rights, resulting in all the responsibilities borne by the user, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

  1. view of the user's computer, mobile device software and hardware differences in the environment and complexity, this system provides various functions and services does not guarantee in any case the normal execution or achieve the results desired by the user. For users to use the system for all consequences, the Company shall not be liable.
  2. view of the system functions and services related to the Internet and mobile communications services, may be subject to all aspects of the unstable factors, there is a force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, system instability, user location, and any other network , technology, communication lines and other causes of service interruptions or risk not meet user requirements, the user must understand and bear more risk may be all the consequences, the Company does not assume any responsibility. For any third party such as the telecommunications sector, communications line failure, technical issues, networking, hardware failure, system instability and other types of force majeure (such as floods, storms, earthquakes, fires, war, insurrection, riot, civil commotion, labor disputes , accidents, acts of government, communications, and energy failure, etc.) caused by the loss of customers, the Company does not assume any responsibility.
  3. user must within the scope permitted by law to use the system, this system may not be used for any illegal or infringing activity, including but not limited to, the system is used to display, distribute contain pornographic, racist, vulgar, obscene, libelous libelous, insulting nature of the information, and the dissemination of any regard to religious, ethnic traditions, ethnic origin, gender, age, various hatred, discrimination and prejudice content. For the user all the consequences of such acts, the Company does not assume any responsibility, and the right to decide at any time to terminate the user for permission to use this system.

protocol interpretation, alteration and termination

  1. the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company reserves the right to interpret any provision of this Agreement and the right to make changes at any time. The Company may at any time modify any provision of this Agreement. If such changes occur, the Company will provide a new version of the user agreement. Users of the system after the change of use will be deemed to have accepted the changed terms of the agreement.
  2. this Agreement prior to its termination in accordance with the following provisions, will always apply. When the following condition occurs, the Company may at any time terminate the agreement with the user:
    (A) users who violate any of the provisions of this Agreement;
    (B) statutory and regulatory requirements to terminate this Agreement;
    (C) The Company believes that the case is no longer appropriate to continue the implementation of this agreement.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

  1. this Agreement and of this Agreement with all the legal relations and disputes are applicable PRC laws. User and the Company hereby agree to our place of business shall have jurisdiction.